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Build Bridges With Mediated Resolutions

Mediation and arbitration are vital parts of Texas’ civil litigation process. For years, judges faced extended periods of litigation and crowded case backlogs that prevented many people from receiving swift resolutions to their cases. Now, these judges can refer litigants to mediation or arbitration to allow them to pursue just resolutions that save time, money and personal strife.

Many South Texas residents come to ALBM Law Firm for its extensive mediation and arbitration services. Whether you’re working through a business dispute with a disgruntled partner or a family member who challenges a parent’s will, our board-certified attorneys can help.

Mediation Offers Many Benefits Over Litigation

The process of mediation revolves around discussion and compromise. A professional mediator will take the role of a neutral party to guide the conversation down a productive path. Resolutions drafted through mediation or arbitration are always agreed upon by all involved parties.

Mediation has become more popular over recent years for its readily available benefits, including:

  • Total control over the result: Mediation does not require a judge or jury to issue rulings or sentences; instead, the involved parties discuss possible resolutions that work to satisfy everyone’s needs. Mediation sessions only end when each party agrees to the outcome.
  • Faster and more cost-effective: Mediation services usually cost much less than the traditional trial and appeals process. Choosing mediation also allows the client to pick the time and place of the sessions rather than having to wait weeks for an opening in the court’s schedule. Our clients will also save on the costs of court personnel and fees.
  • Preserves business partnerships: Resolutions dictated by a judge often favor one party over the other, potentially creating resentment or resistance between working partners. Through mediation, this adversarial relationship is mitigated with discussion and compromise to draft a resolution that preserves the working relationship going forward.
  • Confidential negotiations: For businesses, one of the greatest advantages of mediation is confidentiality. Going to trial puts an incredible amount of information on the public record and poses risks to company privacy and even trade secrets.

It’s important to understand that mediation or arbitration may not be suitable for every dispute. Mediation requires both parties to trust and respect each other’s goals and be motivated to reach a mutually beneficial compromise.

Find The Resolution That Works

South Texas professionals can contact our board-certified attorneys at 361-884-4981 to schedule a consultation. The sooner we get started negotiating, the sooner we can find a resolution.

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