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Estate Protections Through Death And Probate

For over 50 years, ALBM Law Firm has helped families in Corpus Christi through a wide array of challenges. From handling accidental injuries to child support issues, we align ourselves with Texas family values. This ideology extends to our estate planning practice. Our board-certified attorneys have helped hundreds of families conserve, transfer and protect their families’ property, assets and legacies.

With our comprehensive planning services, we strive to help our clients find the financial resources that their families will need after they’re gone while minimizing tax consequences and will challenges. Altogether, we leverage our extensive experience to help families protect their hard-earned legacies.

We Look At Every Aspect Of The Estate

To build the comprehensive protections that South Texas families need, we forge close relationships with our clients that are centered around personalized care. Reviewing personal financial information as closely as we need to involves a lot of vulnerability on the part of our clients, so we pride ourselves on providing nonjudgmental support that meets our clients where they’re at.

We help our clients build estate plans that include:

  • Last wills and testaments
  • Creating powers of attorney
  • Setting up trusts
  • Transferring property
  • Making cash gifts
  • Planning for late-in-life health care
  • Setting up insurance policy beneficiaries
  • Making funeral arrangements
  • Determining business successions
  • Naming executors or estate administrators

We also help our clients with loss mitigation through various asset protection strategies. Death taxes can decimate the value of an estate, and we understand how to combat them. Decreasing the value of an estate can also help secure Social Security assistance like Medicaid. We will also oversee the administration of a person’s estate, should it enter probate court.

We Help Families Find Peace Of Mind

Several of our attorneys are board-certified in probate law and estate planning by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Combined with our decades of experience, we leave no stone unturned with our estate planning services. Call 361-884-4981 to set up a consultation and find peace of mind.