Probate/Estate Planning

The firm’s estate planning practice involves conserving, transferring, and protecting property. This process utilizes wills, trusts, and other transfers. Through proper planning, our clients provide financial resources for their family and loved ones while minimizing the tax consequences of wealth transfers. We also help our clients utilize trusts to maintain minor children and others who may not be candidates to handle sudden gifts or inheritances themselves. Another part of our practice includes loss mitigation through various asset protection strategies.

Our probate services involve the process of having a court appoint an executor or administrator to collect the property, pay any debts, and distribute the remaining assets to beneficiaries named in a will or to the heirs at law if there is no will.

Our firm helps families plan for their needs when they may require care in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, through home care, or otherwise. It is preferable to plan well in advance of the time a person will need any form of assisted living because it is often possible to rearrange property ownership so that, when the time comes, Medicaid and other assistance will be available. Once a person clearly needs assistance, we help our clients get help from Medicaid and other programs. We help our clients by setting up Miller Trusts, which can allow someone over the income limits to still qualify for Medicaid.

We assist veterans and their survivors in qualifying for and obtaining Pension and Aid and Attendance benefits. Many of our clients are surprised to learn that they or a parent can qualify for these benefits, even though the veteran or survivor has a good deal of wealth or a fairly high income.

Members of our firm are board certified in probate law and estate planning by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. Our clients trust us for our knowledge, expertise and skill in guiding them through litigation in an expedient and cost-effective manner.

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