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“Our mediation today is one of the best mediations I have ever attended in 37 years of practicing law. While the result was certainly positive, the tactics and strategy used including establishing rapport on both sides despite the personalities and the use bracketing for negotiating was especially impressive, efficient and effective. When someone respects people‘s time like you do while employing techniques that are intended to produce results, it breeds an atmosphere of contagious positivity that cannot help but produce constructive results. Thank you again for your masterful work, honoring people’s time and getting results.”

“Highly recommend, Jeff and his team went above and beyond to assist me in my case. I was always kept informed and updated, he and his staff are amazing and understanding. I was impressed with my result and would definitely recommend to my family and friends.. thank y’all so much”

“ ALBM law firm did amazing job representing me I truly appreciate all of the effort they put in. They were professional and responsive as well as very understanding. If needing a lawyer I’d most definitely recommend them!”

“ Jeff Lehrman: He and his staff were very responsive to our calls and questions. He was very proactive and worked diligently on our case. His work ethics and attention to detail are impeccable. He was extremely professional and effective during the difficult times for us. What truly sets him apart is how dedicated and determined he is and how he shows his commitment to his clients. Just one case with him, led me to another and will continue to use his practice for any future legal matters. I have referred others and will continue. I highly recommend anyone to his legal service.”

“ The Surf Side Council of Co-Owners HOA Board is pleased to recognize the valuable service we received from the law firm of Anderson Lehrman Barre Maraist, LLP in our recently completed lawsuit and to recommend the firm to clients seeking legal representation. Our attorneys were Jeffrey J. Lehrman and Donald W. Elliott and the successful conclusion to our case is a direct result of their expertise and experience and the professional support of their team. We were newcomers to the legal environment. They worked with us to ensure that we provided the information required to achieve a positive result and that we understood each step in the process. They introduced us to the experts we needed and prepared us to participate with them in defending our position and making the pertinent legal arguments necessary to prevail.
As clients that are pleased and satisfied with our outcome, we strongly recommend visiting with this firm to serve as legal counsel when the need arises. “

“I had an opportunity to work with Jeffrey Lehrman on a business issue I needed help resolving. He was fantastic to work with and we were able to get the issue quickly and favorably resolved thanks to the effectiveness of his counsel. I certainly would work with this law practice again without hesitation.”

“ Jeff was a great lawyer. He’s candid and knowledgeable and trustworthy. Before my case, he and his team communicated with me every step of the way. During my hearing, Jeff made sure everything turned out okay.”

“ As a first time legal client, I was reluctant to seek legal assistance. Jeff’s demeanor and professional persona made me feel at ease from the get go. I immediately felt confident that I am in good hands and that I can fully step back and rely on Jeff’s legal advices. I appreciate his attention to detail and his way of fully keeping me informed. All of Jeff’s legal demands on behalf of my case was granted. It was a pleasure working with Jeff. I would not hesitate to refer family or friends to Jeff.”